Tango Milonga Gold Coast 30th November 2019

La Gran Milonga is on again... run by Luis Gomez and Karina Viegas. Here is a video of Luis and Karina dancing.

80-year old Tango Maestro Luis Gomez and his daughter Karina Viegas dance a Tango followed by a Tango Vals at their ‘La Gran Milonga’ milonga held on Easter Saturday night 26th March 2016 at the Southport Community Centre, Southport, Queensland, Australia to celebrate their 30 years of Tango-teaching in Australia.

(Tango - ‘Recuerdo Malevo’ by Ricardo Tanturi) (Tango Vals – ‘Temo’ by Orquesta Tipica Victor – Singer Mario Corrales) Video – Steve Hockey, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

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