Solo Tango Orquesta

The Solo Tango Orquesta team was founded in the summer of 2010 and in incredibly short time has gained international recognition. It is the only European tango-orchestra that was nominated to the First international “Premios Tango” (Buenos Aires / March 2018). A special version of the tango “Los Mareados” from Solo Tango Orquesta became victorious on XV world games in Buenos Aires (Mundial de Tango 2018).

Below you will find a selection of dancers performing with Solo Tango Orquesta.

Solo Tango Orquesta, "La Milonga de Buenos Aire", Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale

Solo Tango orquesta, Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon "Arrabalera"

Solo Tango Orquesta, Alexander & Maria Frolovy "Vals de Invierno"

Solo Tango Orquesta, "La Cumparsita", Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale

Solo Tango Orquesta You Tube Channel