Tango - Townsville

salsaEville Presents S-L-M Argentine Tango Workshops
Workshops Saturday, 14th July 2012 @ the Order of the Eastern Star Hall - 48 Ingham (Service) Road, West End
  • The Argentine Tango Performance class is for both those that are performing at the Cultural Festival and for those wanting to learn more. The performance at the Cultural Festival will be what we have learnt in the workshops, with extra moves from the lead dancers.
  • The DVD is the instructions for the performance routine. This will be great for all students as it shows all that is taught in all the workshops so you can practice it at home.
  • S-L-M is Street Latin Mackay, a branch of DanceFactor
  • Instructors from S-L-M are also teaming with SalsaEville of Townsville to participate in the Cultural Fest in August with a performance of the Argentine Tango. This will be the first of many workshops presented here so local dancers can learn the Argentine Tango and become involved in a Performance Group to present a Passionate Tango at the Fest in August. So whether you just want to learn the passionate Argentine Tango or you want to be part of the Performance Group, this weekend could be the start of a new passion in your life.
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