Elina Roldan - Melbourne 6-7-8 May 2016

Victoria Tango is thrilled and privileged to be able to host Elina Roldan in Melbourne 6th 7th and 8th May 2016. Elina Roldan is one of the Legends of Argentine Tango. She is a Master and Mentor to many Tango Teachers around the world and is often a member of the judging panel in the prestigious World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires.

This will therefore be a unique opportunity for all Tango dancers around Australia to participate. Elina will share her extensive knowledge and experience only few exclusive Maestros and Maestras have developed over the years. Please make sure you mark these dates in your diary. Do not miss out on this incredible Tango experience.
Further details - contact Leonel
Mobile 0423 760 044 or email leonel.victoriatango@gmail.com

Elina Roldan y Andrea El Popul al Ophis Tango Marathon

El flaco dany y elina roldan 2015/11

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