Tango Floorcraft

Homer & Cristina Present: Tango Floor Craft and Social Etiquette.

This brief video explains the basic ideas behind contemporary Argentine tango social dance navigation (floor craft) and social etiquette as practiced in many of the dance events (milongas) around the world today.

After their performance at YolaTango Austin Tango Festival, Murat and Michelle shared their observations and recommended tips on; - How NOT to enter the dance floor - How to be a gentlemen dancer in milongas.

What To Do And Not Do In Tango - A Great Learning Cartoon.

In this wonderful cartoon, you learn all the rules of Tango. Posture is very important, Know how the music is arranged.

Tango Floorcraft - Three guidelines

This video describes a three guidelines etiquette on tango navigation to help dancers of Argentine Tango to have a good time dancing, even when the dance floor is crowded. These rules are 'Keep moving forward', 'Keep your lane' and 'Keep it small'. Each guideline is explained via four items.

5 Fundamental Steps of Tango

Tango Space is a fabulous resource for tango dancers of all stages. One thing we know about you… …is that you want clarity in yo...