Sadler Wells - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui —— m¡longa

Arts Centre Melbourne - 1-5th April 2015 - Use the promo code ‘TANGO’ at checkout for a discount when purchasing four or more adult tickets.

'Deeply rooted in Argentinean culture, tango has fascinated and captivated the world with its sexuality, power, beauty and mystique.

Internationally renowned for his groundbreaking and critically revered productions with artists like Antony Gormley and María Pagés, and for his award-winning works such as Sutra and Babel(words), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui collaborates with an incredibly talented cast of ten tango dancers from Buenos Aires, two contemporary dancers and a tango band of five musicians'.

"What attracts me most about tango is the eternal embrace of the dancers. When a tango couple dances, we sense the hypnotic dialogue between two bodies connecting intuitively, merging into one. If there is such a thing as my style of dance, it is rooted in touch, in physical contact and that is inherent in tango" Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

'Taking the idea of a milonga as its starting point, those social dance-evenings held in intimate late night bars in Buenos Aires, Cherkaoui applies his unique choreographic approach to the art of tango. Incorporating Eugenio Szwarcer's stunning projections, m¡longa features new music from Argentinian composer Fernando Marzan, Cherkaoui's long-term collaborator Szymon Brzóska and additional music by Olga Wojciechowska. This new work offers an exciting opportunity to explore this traditional dance from another cultural perspective'. Info from Sadler's Wells


ABC Open Tango for Parkinsons

'Tango is often associated with passion - but as therapy for Parkinson’s disease? When Stuart from Kew, NSW was diagnosed with Parkinson’s it had the unexpected outcome of reviving his life-long zeal for the dance'. For the past year, Tango teachers Sheila and Russell Wilkinson have been holding Tango classes for the Port Macquarie Parkinson's support group... Wiriya Sati from ABC Open visited the group, to see how things were progressing...

Tango for Parkinson's from ABC Open Mid North Coast NSW on Vimeo.

Tango for Parkinson's by Wiriya Sati - Open ABC weblink

La Trobe University in conjunction with the University of Limerick and St John of God Hospital in Venice is conducting an international study using dance to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

‘Parkinson’s disease results in muscle rigidity and tremors making it difficult for sufferers to move’, said Professor Meg Morris, lead researcher of the project at La Trobe University.

‘But following trials in Melbourne last year we found that Parkinson’s disease sufferers are “unlocked by dance”, and are able to move more freely. We think dancing can improve mobility and reduce the number of falls in people with Parkinson’s disease,’ said Professor Morris.

We hope this research will provide practitioners with more effective therapy. Not only does dance help reduce symptoms, it also increases wellbeing, happiness and life quality among patients,’ said Professor Morris.

‘Every week I hear from participants about how thankful they are for the dance classes and for the research we are undertaking. Through this study Australia is fast becoming a world leader in Parkinson’s disease research.’ - Excerpt from La Trobe University - click here to read the full article.



'Australian tango quintet Tángalo travels to the capital of Argentine Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to study the intricate craft of tango music.'

'A taste of the ever popular argentine tango nights at the Camelot Lounge, Marrickville, Sydney. Tángalo is a tango quintet based in Sydney, Australia.'

To find out more visit Tángalo.com.au

Remote Tango - Carnavon Gorge Australia

A tango journey to Carnavon Gorge...

Carnarvon Gorge Tango - Damian Thompson and Julianne Martens. Carnarvon Gorge is hidden in Queensland's central highlands - it features magnificent sandstone cliffs, vibrant side gorges, and Aboriginal rock art. Visit Damian's website: Jedi Tango

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