Wintersun Tango on The Gold Coast 17-19 July 2015

“It’s All About the Music”
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Enjoy Social Tango all weekend on the Gold Coast, Australia’s winter playground.

Music at all evening milongas is presented by international pro DJ, Keith Elshaw (Montreal, Canada). Keith is one of North America’s premier DJ’s. He was resident DJ at the famous Miami Festival, the biggest Tango Festival outside Buenos Aires. Keith is also the premier Tango music restorer / remasterer in the world.

Four great milongas including a Warm Welcome Milonga, the Gold Coast Marathon all-day milonga, Red Carpet Milonga and the Aloha Milonga.

Saturday Seminario. Come and go from the all day milonga for:
Special DJ and Musicality Workshops for Dancers: with Keith Elshaw, International professional Tango DJ and the world’s No 1 Tango music remastering engineer;

Plus: Chacarera workshop (ready to dance on Sat night) – Yoga, Pilates & stretching for Tango – Belly dancing – – Shoe selection and care – Leading Ladies – Tango etiquette – Spanish Tango language – Beginner Classes – Tango Styles – “Games People Play” Tango Games – “In the Zone” and how to get there.

Guitar Jam: Learn to play and sing a famous Tango song.

Lunchtime Tango Concert and Tango Movies

Shop for:

High Quality Remastered Music, direct from world #1 Tango music remastering engineer – Designer Tango Clothing – Imported Tango Shoes – Shoe Care products – Commemorative shirts.

Packages from $65 CLICK HERE - to visit Wintersun Tango To Book Now

Wintersun Tango is a Milonga Para Los Niños event – embracing the children of Argentina & Latin America with the longest worldwide tango embrace since 2001.


Dustin O'Halloran: "We Move Lightly"

For those who enjoy dancing Tango to music other than strictly tango music, and asking forgiveness from the purists... ;)

And if you liked We Move Lightly... here's another... Opus 23

Visit Dustin O'Halloran.com for tour dates...


Tango Syros Island Greece June 2015

Wondering what to do in June? Fancy escaping the winter
and taking off to Tango on Syros Island, Greece?

Tango Holidays in Syros island 26th - 28th of June 2015! 3 days 3 milongas, 4 star Hotel, just in front of the sea!

  • 150 Euros package includes (per person)
  • Return Ferry Tickets from Athens Pireus
  • 3 milonga passes
  • 1 seminar of your choice
  • 2 nights at the hotel (2 people sharing) Hotel Dolphin Bay (4 STARS)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Tour of the island

    The Maestros for the seminars are:

  • Elli & Yiannis Karadimou
  • Christina Sarioglou & Rojer Zalazar
  • Ariel Horacio Fuhr & Peggy Dadaki
  • Orestis Dimitriou & Lia Selalmazidi
  • Mary Ziloti & Chris Bakopoulos

    Christina Sarioglou


  • Ivon Carolina
  • Ariel Horacio Fuhr
  • Elli Karadimou

    The 2 milongas - Friday and Saturday night - will be held in the hotel as well as the seminars, the third milonga will be held in the beautiful Hermoupolis the center of Syros on Sunday afternoon! The tickets from Pireus are on Friday morning and return on Sunday night back to Athens in the Hotel there is a swimming pool, kids playground, free wifi, Bar, Restaurant

    Tango Syros - Weblink Here

    Contact us for more details at: syrostangofestival@gmail.com

  • tel +30 6980395545
  • +30 6944247059 syrostangofestival@gmail.com

    Christina Sarioglou Rojer Zalazar Tango - Weblink Here

    Explore Syros Island - find places to stay and so much more... Atlas Visual - Syros Greece

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