Strength and Balance Exercises

At the end of a dance class or long Milonga, who hasn't at one time or another felt their feet starting to complain? If you are as interested as we are in learning more about how to keep dancing strong and for a long time, you may enjoy watching Active-Isolated Strength Training.

Balance Exercises with Jorge Torres

Argentine Tango Workshop: Jorge Torres - Balance exercises

Balance Exercises - Tango Mojo - Master your balance: Your Infinite Axis

Visit: Helaine Treitman Tango.com


International Day of Peace

How peaceful is your world? Do you have a peaceful inner life? Learning how to be focused in the present moment, is one of the lessons we need to learn in Tango to be good followers. Learning how to stop the internal mind chatter and allowing ourselves to simply be present to our partner. It's not easy, our minds are so busy full of thinking noise; imagined conversations, plans, remembering, worrying, obsessing, wondering...

I invite you to stop what you are doing, relax all the muscles in your face, relax all the muscles around your eyes and mouth, allow yourself to smile... focus on your breath for a few breaths... When you are are next ready to practice tango, practice from your calm inner space.


Festival of The Winds - Bondi - Sunday 8th September 2013

Esquina de Tango are hosting a FREE Outdoor Milonga and Beginners Tango Workshop as part of the Festival of the Winds programme. Experienced tango dancers are welcome to assist in the Beginners Tango workshop.

Workshop is 3.15-4pm in the Hightide Room of the Bondi Beach Pavilion. The Outdoor Milonga is 4.30pm till dark at the Bondi Beach Pavilion Forecourt (Milonga will be held in the Hightide Room if weather is inclement).

Milonga Dancers - Wear black, red, white or combination thereof. Spectators welcome.

The Milonga will close the Festival. For a program detailing the day's activities visit: Waverly.nsw.gov.au things to do

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