Damian Thompson and Hosanna Heinrich - Port Macquarie April 1,2,3

Damian Thompson and Hosanna Heinrich are holding workshops and Milonga in Port Macquarie April 1,2,3. Bookings: contact Wendy Hirst... tango.wendy@gmail.com

Video below of Damian and Hosi's performance from the last Milonga in Port...


Argentine Tango USA Festival - April 21-24 2011

Gabriel Missé y Analia Centurión will be at...

The Argentine Tango Festival and USA Championship
San Francisco, April 21-24, 2011
Official Local Branch
Tango Buenos Aires
Festival & Dance World Cup 2011

Argentine Tango USA Festival and USA Tango Championship, San Francisco April 21 – 24, 2011 is a unique four-day Tango event including both an international Tango festival (with workshops, performances, live music and social dancing), and a tango dance Championship.

This event will be held at the magnificent San Francisco Airport Marriot Hotel.

Argentine Tango USA Championship a sanctioned official branch in The United States to the “Tango Buenos Aires Mundial de Baile 2011″ (Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup) by the Office of Festivals and Central Events of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City Of Buenos Aires, which is the highest authority regarding the organization, program planning and overall execution of Tango Buenos Aires Mundial de Baile 2011. Therefore, our USA Championship will operate in accordance with its rules and regulations.

Argentine Tango USA.com

Place to Be - Fernando Aragones

Colgada Demo by Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi


Lets drool girls...

"A good tango dancer is someone who has rhythm and who has a good musical ear. He also has respect for the woman; to know what to do at the right time with the right partner. He adapts himself to the woman. He makes her feel that she is the best dancer. He dances for her."

Pablo Veron

Oh be still my beating heart.

5 Fundamental Steps of Tango

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