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I've just been reading through the Tango Cruise.com program for next year - oh my, so many beautiful places to travel and to Tango. Fancy a tango cruise around South America, The Baltic Sea, The Norweigan Fjords or Istanbul to Rome? Just to name a few of the places that they will be travelling to next year. Come along with me and have a little dream for next year... a few little snippets to whet your tango travel appetite...

Tango Cruise South America
Feb 26th - Mar 15th, 2015:
Enjoy the inherent natural beauty of South America

Itinerary of your "once in a lifetime" cruise:
Buenos Aires - Montevideo -
Punta del Este - Puerto Madryn -
Cape Horn - Ushuaia -
Straight of Magellan - Punta Arenas -
Chilenean Fjords - Puerto Montt -

There will be the opportunity on board to build on your Tango skills by attending the tango classes in small groups with Adriana Duré and Felipe Martinez. Private lessons can also be arranged. Of course, nightly Milongas compliment this extraordinary cruise. In some ports, we also organise Milongs in "special ambience" and where ever possible, together with the local tango communities.

Preview: Tango Cruise from Istanbul to Rome
June 20th - 27th, 2015

The cruise starts in Istanbul and ends in Rome..
Itinerary: Istanbul - Mykonos - Athens La Valletta/Malta - Catania - Amalfi/Salerno - Civitavecchia/Rome
Dancing Tango in Mykonos, Athens, La Valletta and in Sicily
Tango Workshop with Adriana Duré and Felipe Martinez: "Estilo Milonguero à la Buenos Aires“

Tango Cruise Baltic Sea and Saint Petersburg - preview
July 19th - 26th, 2015

Highlight: Overnight stay with Milonga in Saint Petersburg
Dancing Tango in Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and Riga
Tango Workshops on board

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Program for 2015

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