Moti Buchboot and Glory Souder

Moti Buchboot and Glory Souder...

I received the following in an email from Moti Buchboot this morning, and thought how beautiful it was... if you would like to watch more of Moti dancing or to purchase his Tango Lesson DVD go to Organic


You never know
What will change the world-
a word lightly spoken,
a touch from a stranger,
a glance from a woman
in a red dress,
or a flower opening in your garden.
What you do know
down deep in your bones
is that the cells have
lined up in a new arrangement,
muscles grown
where before was weak and hollow,
and when you woke up this morning,
something else was on your mind
because the old furniture had moved
around to make room.
A momentary alignment of planets
has opened a door somewhere.
You never know how or when,
only that it means