Watch Tango Partners' Brain Waves Synchronise

Ever wonder what happens in the brains of tango dancers? The mind boggles - should we go there? Well someone has been wondering, and experimenting...

Neuro Tango Experiment by Suzanne Dikker - brain awareness week

If someone asked you, if you would take part in a live brain experiment, what would your answer be? I'm sure I'd say 'no way'. However these willing couples have allowed Suzanne Dikker, a neuroscientist at NYU, to experiment on theirs. In these videos we get to have a peep into tango dancers' brains.

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Link to Daily Dot article

Thank you to Damian Thompson Tango for sharing the article from Daily Dot on facebook.

Damian Thompson and Julianne Martens dancing at Carnavon Gorge Australia

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