A Sneak Peek at "Barrio Longfellow"

This morning I visited Mandrágora Tango...
from their site:

"Nostalgic tango that stirs the soul and moves the feet Mandrágora Tango is a vibrant collective of tango musicians based in Minneapolis, dedicated to preserving the nearly-lost musical forms of tango and translating them for today's listeners and dancers. Tango music defies categorization, living somewhere between classical, jazz and world beat. Mandrágora dances across those lines and creates a music that is fresh, engaging, danceable and nostalgic. Or something like that."

On the site you will discover some of their audios that you can listen to. I'm just listening to El Pato Zumbullidor - Bob Barnes - can't wait to dance to it... to listen and find out more... visit Mandrágora Tango