Dancing on a variety of Floors

I just read an interesting article via a link on facebook - Dancing on Bad Floors (Without Killing Yourself, Your Knees, or Anyone Else).

A few years ago a friend of ours shared with us, how to use duct tape on the base of shoes to convert ordinary shoes temporarily into dance shoes - which we have used at times - with a degree of success. It's very helpful if you are dancing on surfaces where you don't want to destroy your expensive dance shoes we've found. However, duct tape is just one solution to the dilemma, and this article has so many ideas that I had never heard about before.

I have seen a pair of shoes converted with plastic milk cartons! Who'd have thought you could do that? Not me that's for sure, but they work - I'll see if I can convince this person to share his skills with a 'how to' on this blog sometime.

Art - In these shoes? I don't think so
artwork by Kareen Fellows