Para Los Ninos - you are invited to help

I was talking to some people last night in Port Macquarie who hadn't heard of the Para Los Ninos Charity. I thought if there were still people in our town who didn't know about it, then perhaps there are others who don't. If you run a Tango event, you are invited to host one dance a year and donate to the fund. Here is the information from Para Los and below you will find a video of a fund raiser from last year that we attended at the beautiful Tattersalls Club in Brisbane featuring Joaquín Amenábar

Dance For The Children

Dance is a uniquely human expression of joy and hope for mankind. Tango is communication without words. It is an embrace. Milonga Para Los Niños reaches out to embrace the children of Argentina and Latin America to bring hope and joy to their lives in return for their gift to the world of Tango and Latin music and dance.

Our Core Values.

Our charity's core values are: To direct our aid directly to people and organisations who add value. Event Organisers may pay direct expenses, but organisers must not charge for their services. The organisation keeps its expenses to a minimum, so as to distribute the maximum funds to the beneficiaries. Organisers give preference to suppliers who donate or discount their services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community of annual milongas (tango dances) and Latin dances around the world to improve and bring joy to the lives of children in South America. You can help by offering one dance per year. "Now the people will know we were here” The Symbol for Sociedad Para Los Niños includes the Canadian Inukshuk. It expresses the values of our people. The Inukshuk is a powerful symbol of humanity, cooperation and trust and faith in people.

The Inuit people of North America erected these stone guardians to give passers-by the comfort of knowing that they are not alone, to give guidance, strength and motivation. They were erected to mark good hunting and fishing spots, sacred places and at times the location of buried food to sustain unknown travellers. It is an expression of selfless sharing and caring for those you may never know. It is recognition that we are all fellow travellers on this earth and dependent upon one another for love and life.

Sociedad Para Los Niños (Society for the Children) is an incorporated non-profit benefit organised by the Tango community of Australia for the children of Argentina & Latin America.
PO 2623, Nerang B.C. Qld, 4211. Australia Email: Phone: +61 7 5668 1505