Casa del Milagros - House of Miracles

'Casa de milagros (“House of miracles”) is based in an eighteenth-century hacienda located in lamay, peru within the sacred valley of the Incas. Snow-capped peaks and organic gardens and flowers surround us.'

If you haven't heard of Casa del Milagros yet, here's a snippet from their site...

The Beginning In 1995 Mama Kia visited Cusco, Peru and was moved by the plight of abandoned and orphaned children.   She spent several months feeding them in parks but realized that they needed much more than nutrition, they needed education, medical treatment, the feeling of family and most of all…love.
Three years later, after the death of her grandson Chandler Sky Patton, Kia along with her daughter Marie Patton and son-in-law Allen created the Chandler Sky Foundation – In Loving Memory of Chandler Sky.
“After Chandler’s passing we had so much love to give that we decided to put it into other children who were not fortunate enough to have parents to love them.”
Chandler Sky Foundation was founded with the help of Oasis Preserve International and from many others who have given financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Our Mission The purpose of Casa De Milagros is to nourish the mind, body and spirit of orphaned children and instill in them a sense of self-esteem and self-worth.
Our orphanage is a unique healing home where we encourage growth by providing the children with proper health, a good education, art, and recreational and social activities. At Casa de Milagros the children and adults live as a single family, in an atmosphere filled with love and creativity. Living within a cooperative environment all of our children learn how to manage interpersonal relationships, respect each other, and use non-offensive verbal communication. We are a home where children can be children.

Perhaps if you know of someone going to Peru on their travels to South America could I ask you to stop by with some goodies...

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