Tango Embrace News... for July 2011

Hi Tangueros BOOK NOW FOR MILONGA WORKSHOP! Wednesday 6th July 7.30pm - 10pm. I have heard some good leaders say they sit out a milonga tanda well . . . NO MORE MILONGA IS THE MOST FUN! We will cover both milonga Lisa & Tras Pie. These workshops are INTENSIVE so don't miss out! Cost $25 THE AUSTRIAN CLUB, 20 GRATTAN CRESCENT, FRENCHS FORESTIt is greatly appreciated if you can book early to help me balance the numbers and gender balance.Please call, text or send us an email to book in for the workshop 0407 017 538 or you may email me margarita1@iprimus.com.au"

Milonga uses the same basic elements as Tango and requires a greater relaxation of legs and body. Movement is normally faster. It is rather a kind of rhythmic walking without complicated figures, with a much more "rustic" style than Tango.There are different styles of Milonga: "Milonga Lisa" (Simple Milonga), in which the dancer steps on every beat of the music; and "Milonga con TraspiƩ," in which the dancer uses TraspiƩs or contrapasos (changes of weight from one foot to the other and back again in double time or three steps in two beats) to interpret the music. Thus, dynamics may be danced without having to run fast or without the use of much space."

Special PRACTICA from 7pm - late at Avalon RSL Thursday 30th June. Please use this opportunity to put your tango into practice and DANCE! Only $10

VIVE LA DIFFERENCE & STORM OUR SEAFORTH MILONGA! Special event Bastille Day Milonga Saturday 16th July (2 days after Bastille Day) SEAFORTH MILONGA - All things French!We hope you will enjoy our great variety of music, a huge rectangular floor, gorgeous lighting, French cheeses and pate, a lucky door prize French Champagne plus a ladies choice tanda! The bar is open and tea & coffee are available free of charge in the kitchen. (It is ok to bring French! snacks if you wish as we hire the whole club)Cost: $20 - Our milongas support Bolivian Orphans through Compassion Australia.

Address: Seaforth Bowling Club, Kirkwood Avenue, Seaforth (off the Wakehurst Parkway)(There is a space for recycling so bring along any pre loved tango shoes or clothes - boys too!)