Dance - The High Squirrel's Message

A single slip would be certain death or at the very least asevere injury.
I watched it run carelessly amidst what most would consider extreme danger.

It was a squirrel.

It ran across power lines located over 30 feet above the pavement. It seemed to dance, dart and dash above me as I stood transfixed in the church door.

Here was a creature in what I thought was great danger. Such a situation would have me nearly paralyzed with fright. The squirrel danced.

I thought of the many people whom I knew. I thought how some lived like the squirrel, looking in front of them but never dwelling on what's behind or below. They had tough situations in life. Frankly, some of the situations could make you shudder; yet, they were happier than many with far smoother

That simple squirrel on the electric wire taught me something.

I took my cell phone and snapped a picture of it. It's not a high quality picture; it was a cell phone and the sun was setting but it captured the spirit of the squirrel.

Even when you face tough situations.
Even when things are down to a thin line for support...
Even when unpleasant things could happen if you fail or fall...
Even when the wind starts blowing.


(and if it's argentine tango then all the better)